Being a Christian is horrible

Being a Christian means you both follow the Bible and haven't read the Bible.

Being a Christian means you have faith, or belief without evidence.

Both of those are just pure ignorance. Literally, ignorance.

"God loves you so much that he sent his son to die for your sins" aka "God sent God to save God's creation from God's punishment"

God is all-knowing, all powerful and all loving. The fact that 25,000 people die every day of starvation proves that's a false statement.

Everything that God has done has failed. How is he a perfect creator?

The sun gives us cancer. We breathe and eat from the same hole.

God created a perfect garden on Earth and then created Adam and eve. If you read the rest of that story, does it sound like God was a perfect creator or does it sound like he didn't really know what he was doing?

God told Adam and Eve that they could eat from any tree of the garden. Then later, he changes his mind and says don't eat from this tree. Then God adds a pesky serpent to the garden knowing that it would exploit Adam and Eve's design. God created Adam and Eve knowing that they would be tempted by the serpent and then created the serpent and then blames Adam and Eve and the rest of humanity for God's own design.

Many Christians believe that Satan was the serpent in the garden. God created satan. God knew what Satan was going to do. God created Satan anyway. God, again, blames his creation for his own design.

Moving on, God tells Abraham to kill his son. What sort of demented God would order his creation to kill their own child? God knows everything and yet he's still going to test his creation and inevitably cause Abraham and his son to have PTSD for the rest of their lives.

Moving on, after God created Satan and the other angels that followed Satan, God allows those angels to interact with his beloved creation and then kills all of his own creation with the exception of seven people in the flood.

God is all knowing and all loving? God has a plan? After the flood, God says he regrets making people.

God's chosen people, the israelites, were slaves to the Pharaoh in egypt. Remember for the rest of this story that God is all powerful and could literally do anything. Having every option at his fingertips, he hardens the pharaoh's heart so the Pharaoh would not let the Israelites go. God then plagues the land of Egypt with all kinds of horrible stuff ultimately leading up to the grand finale which is God murdering the little infants of Egypt. God is mad at the pharaoh so he kills other people's little babies. This is the second story where God kills little babies. The god of the pro-life Christians.

When you hear a Christian refer to slavery in the bible, they are most likely going to talk about indentured servitude. This is how you know they haven't read the bible. The Israelite men are the only group who are to be treated like indentured servitudes and get to leave on the 7-year jubilee. You can sell your daughter into slavery. Both her and her children are slaves for life. You can buy slaves from the heathens in the nation's around you and make them slaves for life. You can beat your slaves as long as they survive by the end of the second day. You may recognize this form of slavery as chattel slavery.

God is a genocidal maniac. The flood, plagues of egypt, Sodom and Gomorrah, and when God ordered his own people to kill the amalekites, specifically calling out the death of the children and infants, and ordering his people to kill the midianites. Literally what else does it take for the Christians to acknowledge that their God is a baby killer?

Let's talk about the midianites for a moment. God orders his people to exterminate them all except for the virgin daughters. The Virgin daughters are referred to as the spoils of war. God is literally ordering his people to rape little girls. This is just one of at least three times in the Bible where God orders or implies that women will be raped. Christians support rape culture. Don't forget, God is the same today as he is tomorrow.

Now we'll move into the new testament. Jesus calls us to repent. We are supposed to repent to god. We are supposed to tell God that he is such a horrible designer that we reject the way that we were born. We reject God's original design.

Christians will turn a blind eye to all the horrible stuff that their genocidal God has done in the Old testament and focus on Jesus and then ignore half of what Jesus taught. Jesus says to be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect. Jesus says to worship the father. Who is the father? He is a demented genocidal maniac. If God were alive today on earth, he would be shot in the head for his crimes against humanity.

Christians believe that God helps them all the time. He helped them get off drugs or gave them a green light when they were in a hurry. If God interacts with this world and doesn't help the starving people or the babies with cancer, that makes God look so much worse.

All of this ridiculous theology leads you to heaven. A heaven where you forget about everything you ever knew on earth. A heaven where you will be holding hands with genocidal Maniacs like Jeffrey Dahmer while you praise a genocidal maniac for eternity. If heaven includes God and christians, I want nothing to do with that heaven.

Christianity has caused almost as many deaths in the world as their God has. Cue the no true Scotsman fallacy.

Again, Christians are pro-life in spite of what their God clearly demonstrates.

Now to the historical and fact-based portion of this post.

The Sumerian religion, which predates the Yahweh religion by over a thousand years, had six days of creation, a firmament separating the heavens from the earth, a perfect garden, the tree of life, a pesky snake, a flood and a God who died for 3 days and came back to life and offers eternal life.

There are dozens of gods who have been worshiped over time who offer eternal life. Only one of them says you're worthless piece of crap and you have to repent.

The code of Hammurabi predates the Israelites and many of the laws written by the Israelites are copies of the code of Hammurabi. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, etc.

The gospels of the Bible have no known authors and they contradict each other.

There is no historical proof that Jesus ever existed, was crucified and resurrected or did any miracles. Christians will turn to historians like Josephus and tacitus and Pliny the younger. The writings of these people mention only the fan club but not jesus. These people lived decades after Jesus. There is not a single eyewitness account for jesus.

So yes, bragging about being a Christian is something that shows a low intellect and high level of hypocrisy.

But, "Jesus loves you!"


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