Christians are Nazis

 Let me clarify, Christians are a group of people following a Hitler-like God who believes his race (Israelites) is above all the others. And even more specifically, the Israelite men are above all others. 

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"

We have all heard the bible supports the notion of equality. Even though the idea of an eye for an eye comes from the code of Hammurabi, it is a good principle and I'm glad he bible at least carries on good sentiments, even if it's only in partial usage. 

When the bible says an eye for an eye, (Exodus 21:24) it's referring to the notion of making things even. If you strike someone and cause them to lose an eye, the justice that is due is for you to lose your own eye as a result of this altercation. This sounds fine and dandy, right? Well let's look a little closer.

Exodus 21:26-27

If you damage the eye or tooth of a slave, you're not about to lose an eye over your slave, right?!?! He's your slave. F*ck that. No! You make amends by letting them go. The slaves are beneath their Israelite masters. Their eye is not worth the eye of an Israelite. The Bible Hitler god holds his people as a higher race. Literally 2 verses after it says "an eye for an eye", it clarifies that it's only for God's people.

"But God freed the slaves"

Dwight, you ignorant slut! God freed HIS people from slavery. Once HIS people were freed and stablished on their own, he gave HIS people commandments on how to enslave others specifically providing a better treatment for the better race of people. 


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